Urchin Cocktail Ring

A bold cocktail ring made from sterling silver (.925 silver) of the "Future" collection. 


Project “Future” is inspired by circle theorems as defined by Euclidean Geometry. Compared to other shapes and formats, surely the circle has the most profound relationship with human existence. Circles represent the great themes of life; birth, growth, rebirth, unity, social structure, faith and worship. Our Sun, moon and the planets are, after all, spheres, orbiting in near-circular motion.


The “Future” collection draws inspiration from the shape of the circle and is carefully designed to visualise Euclidean theorems into patterns and forms of wearable art, symbolising, in this way a new beginning; a starting point to an exciting future.


The ring is created with material jetting technology and lost wax casting. It is printed in wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D printer, then put in a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mould. Molten silver is poured into this mould and set to harden. Finally, the plaster is broken away, revealing your new ring, which is tumbled and polished to a smooth finish. Silver will tarnish over time but can be polished back to achieve a like-new surface. 

Urchin Cocktail Ring

SKU: 140243


Sterling Silver (.925 Silver)



Specialist Clean



Sits 15 mm Above Finger


S N 54 6 1/2 17 mm 53 mm
M O 55 1/4 7 17.4 mm 55 mm
L P 56 1/2 7 1/2 17.8 mm 56 mm
XL Q 57 3/4 8 18 mm 57 mm


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