Phaos Hoops

Hoops from sterling silver of the “Phaos” collection.


Phaos <φάος/φως> is the ancient Greek word for light. 


The “Phaos” jewellery collection draws inspiration from the nature of light as the core of everyday life, which laid the foundations for Modern Physics and Information Age. 


This entire collection is, after all, created from powder using light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; it is 3D printed using a laser! 


In addition, via the story of light, project “Phaos” pays tribute to all the pioneers, those radically successful people who have a ferocious drive that makes them never give up.





The hoop earrings are fabricated using lost wax casting.


Each earring is first printed in wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D printer. It is then put in a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mold. Molten silver is poured into this mold and set to harden. The plaster is broken away, and your earring is carefully cleaned and hand polished.

Phaos Hoops

SKU: 5610S


3D Printed Silver .925



Specialist Clean




Diameter approx. 0.30 cm